Golden Cocker Retriever Information and Pictures

This dog is very adorable and most pet dog in the United States of America. If you are curious to know that whether this hound is purebred, then the answer is no. It is the cross product of Cocker and Golden Retriever.

There is a wide variety of coat colors in this dog. You will find many attractive colors such as golden, white, black etc. It also comes in cream color which looks very adorable. However, you will have to be extra caring for keeping cream color cocker retriever mix clean. You will have to groom at more frequency than having a golden color pup.

There are some Black Cocker retriever mix too. They are extremely black in color. So, if you want to have a black pup then you can have it just now.

If you want a dog who should have a mixture of red and white color then, there is a good news for you. As this is also very common color in these dogs. In fact this is very attractive dog. The agility and performance of this red and white dog is very fabulous. You can take him any where and can count on him for hunting anything. This is also very busy dog as it likes to be engaged in playing and fetching things. So, it is important that you keep this dog busy and give him ample space to vent out his energy. Failure to do this, may cause your pup to become aggressive. Because, he won’t have any other option to use his energy.

dog with nice hair style

This is also very humble and social dog. With proper training and socialization, you can make him start of everyone’s eye. The training should be started when he is just weeks old. Some people say that these dogs are not good at learning. However, the opposite is true. They have exceptional intelligence and can show up the results instantly. You just need to be understanding and calm during obedience classes. Never think of being punitive with your hound, as it will have drastic result on the overall health and behavior of your puppy. The best practice is to repeat the instruction until your doggy understands fully. Some people start to be punitive and as a result their dog becomes aggressive and don’t obey instructions.

This pup also loves to be a responsible family member, so you can count on him for waking you up early in the morning. He loves his job and will always wake you up and will make sure that you are not wasting time by lying in your bed. If you teach him, he can also bring many things for you.

This is also known for a helping dog for disable people. Blind people do pet this animal because it really takes its master care. All you need is to take care of its food and train him well. He will turn out to be a great friend, companion and a hunter. There are many competitions in which you can enroll your pup. However, subscription to clubs will cost you some money.