How To Be Sustainable

Sustainability is one of the topics that is becoming more and more important as the days pass by. Unless we take care of the planet and try to minimize our footprint, human actions are having a negative effect on the world’s environment.

There are several ways for you to be more eco-friendly and sustainable. While these are very small actions and steps you could take, in the grand scheme of things, if everyone followed these simple principles, then it would actually have a much greater impact.


This is pretty straightforward and pretty common. However, you’d be surprised how some people don’t even consider the idea of recycling and go about their day without it in mind. When you are throwing away trash, make sure to use the appropriate trash bin.

Recycling minimizes human footprint and saves 10X the energy needs to produce something.

Eating Less Meat

Did you know that it takes 2400 gallons to make just 1 pound of beef? The amount is absurd! There are many other viable options for proteins instead of beef. So next time you go grocery shopping, perhaps try some lentils, beans, and tofu.

You don’t necessarily have to cut out meat altogether, but reducing your intake of red meats can significantly affect how much water is being used to feed people. In the long run, studies also show that eating less meat and increasing vegetable and fruit intake improve your health.

Turn Off the Lights!

Ever forgot to turn off the lights whenever you left a certain room? Or how about appliances? You not only save some money on your electricity bill, but by remembering to turn off the lights, you are helping mother earth!

It’s moreso of a small habit habit you can easily learn.

Don’t Leave The Faucet On!

We’ve all been there. Maybe you were brushing your teeth and did not bother to turn off the faucet while you brushed and flossed your teeth.

However, 2 minutes of open tap water can fill almost a bucket, a gallon. Assuming you brush your teeth everyday, you are wasting 30 gallons of water every month! And that is just counting when you brush your teeth. Think about all the other times when you open the water faucet and leave it on.

Installing Solar Panels

Not everyone is going to be able to afford solar panels, but if you can, solar panels are a great investment to make. In the long run you will save on your electricity bill and minimize your global footprint. As technology improves, it is getting easier and cheaper to install solar panels.

Solar panels work by making photons interact with electrons which produces electricity. Depending on what kind of solar panel you get, the efficiency for panels depend, but with Solar City leading the way for improved efficiency we are looking at 30% efficient solar panels in the near future.

We actually install solar panels, so feel free to reach out to us about it as well.

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